Pannon GSM, (H) - 2009

Pannon GSM

A Christmas ad filmed in the town of Győr in NW Hungary in October.

My scene was outdoors at night, so of course I got some more extreme waiting experience, the whole afternoon, no I did not want to go and watch the teens being filmed in the bowling alley.

So, screen son no.2 also happened to be the son of the director. No surprise that he decided his kid should be passed the singing part. No chance for me to sing "Bye Bye Baby" in full Bay City Rollers mode in the town square.

IKEA, (A) - 2009

Link to the "Making of..." video
Little angel he was

Milestones: 1st screen son, 2nd screen wife, first ever bedroom scene.

Click the left image above to see 'our bedroom' (0:03) and the new family at the pyjama fitting at the Corinthia Hotel (0:06).

The Fußmodel (from the later 2010 version of the ad) even gets a mention at the end.

MKB Bank, (H) - 2008

Pasted over the side of a building Photo-N.Vinson

First ad where I appeared with a magician and my second 'Lost in Translation' moment. I was riding on the number 6 tram and by surprise saw myself pasted across the side of a building, hanging on a beanstalk.

T-Mobile, (HR) - 2008

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T-Mobile Croatia

First screen wife, Szilvia. Filmed at another local restaurant, a mere 650 metre walk to work.

The screenshot above shows about the most you get to see of me. How glamorous this supporting role was. I did get to peck at food which got colder and colder. The pieces of fish on the fork must have been getting pretty rough, replaced by the props guy after each take.

Soproni beer, (H) - 2005

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Soproni Sör

My first ad. And first experience of endurance waiting. Six hours after arriving, they started filming us. My first Lost in Translation moment: here I was, out of my native country, repeatedly lifting a glass of drink and doing various looks to the camera while being directed in Hungarian with English translation. After four hours forced to sit at this table in the Fészek Klub we finished and dying of thirst, (we weren't even allowed to drink the beer from the glasses as they were getting the shine with metal polish), I ran off to the nearest pub and necked several lagers.