Sky Anytime, (Germany) - 2011

One of the advantages of living in Budapest, which is like one gigantic film set, is that for this job with an 8.30am start, I only had to walk two blocks from my flat.

This screenshot is representative of just about all you see of me in the ad: one more second of fame to add to my account. Long enough for friends watching German TV recently at Lake Balaton to notice me though.

If you click the link below the picture to the left than you will be able to see the intensity and conviction I put into the role of 'Older Man' as I portray someone watching smashed TV sets reform and float up to the heavens. It was all in the neck muscle control, I can tell you that much.

E Hyphen, (Japan) - 2011

The beat goes on
Wardrobe fitting with Johnny Photo-W.Brett

This ad was shot in Budapest, though portraying London.

Lost in Translation moment #3 - I'm the only Englishman on a Hungarian set directed by Japanese.

Never perform with children, animals or ice cream. Ha, ha, it was fine, especially fellow cop Johnny's cameraderie.

EDF Dmsz, (Hungary) - 2010

This ad was shot in the grounds of the Brunszvik Kastly at Mrtonvsr, Hungary.

Delightful to feature in a scene with an eight year old screen son (my 4th), a Beijing olympics gold medal winning canoeist, Vajda Attila, and an assortment of ornamental carp.

Key fishy moments: one of the carp escaped; one injury caused to screen son's hand when another of the carp tried to do a runner.

Datch, (Italy) - 2010


So this is what they mean when they ask "are you willing to act partially nude?"

Lots of us waiting around in dressing-gowns then having black cardboard rectangles stuck to us in strategic places.

I am somewhere in the 30 second and Extended versions but that's my secret.

Lion, (France) - 2010

This ad was shot at Keleti railway station in Budapest.

This was one of my extreme waiting experiences arriving at the location at 6am and leaving at 8pm. I waited 11 hours before I was called on set, much of the time in a dim room on platform 8 (?). I had no book to read, just spent a lot of time in contemplation. I was intrigued though by a threesome of stocky lads who'd change shoes, leave and come back every now again. It turned out they were acrobats drafted in to stand on one another's shoulders hiding from the lion's growl behind an enormous column in the ticket hall.

I did have a scene in which I featured alone but it was cut unfortunately. I may have been somewhere in the shot above left and in the one above right I was just off the screen. Never mind, the acrobats seemed to be cut too.

Pelephone, (Israel) - 2010

Link to video

This ad was shot near Eger, just outside a village called Mikófalva.

After travelling to an adjacent village and staying in a motel the night before, we got there for a 5am start. It was a chilly August morning at dawn and amusing to see some of the Israeli crew wearing blankets on the hillside. By 9am the temperature was building up. Mid afternoon the suncream and sunshades had to come out. Screen son #3 beared up well and were all grateful that the wardrobe trailer was airconditioned.

Key info: I wore a false beard for the shoot which the client subsequently didn't like in the final edit. So I had to fly to Israel months later to have my clean shaven chin photographed and superimposed to create the finished ad.

Lays crisps, (Netherlands) - 2010

Maak de smaak
Maak de smaak

This ad was shot in a catering school in the 13th district of Budapest.

I played a chef carefully devising a delicate new flavour when in comes Anouk all brash and suggesting "old cheese and mustard."

Coca Cola was forbidden on the premises as Lays is a Pepsi brand. There were a lot of crisps to nibble at while waiting around.

There were some great guys on hand to rearrange the spilt herbs and spritz up the photogenic veg.

Key phrase of the shoot: "Assume the position." (Director of Photography to me before each take.)

IKEA, (Austria) - 2010

IKEA, sleeping on the job

This ad was shot in a villa in Buda, the second of two ads edited and screened from the 2009 shoot.

This is screen wife 2 and screen son 1 again.

Key info: a foot model was used as a stand in for my left foot; apparently the pedicure I was sent for in Buda didn't quite cut the mustard. Along turned up my stand-in, tanned and wearing designer clothing and sandals. I had to get out of the bed and give him my pyjama bottoms. I was alarmed to see his weird shaped toes in the final ad. Maybe one day I'll be big enough to have a veto over this kind of malarkey.