Chio Chips (Hungary) - 2014

My dream product to work with. I could not have felt more natural and at ease. And to have a cotton gloved maiden carefully sorting out only the prettiest, most suitably sized crisps for my palate is surely the kind of luxury only despots are used to.

chio haircut

Klinski, Клинский (Russia) - 2014

Klinski sausage

An advert for Russian sausages, for Russian TV, made at the Wenckheim Kastély south of Békéscsaba near Hungary's border with Romania.

I played one of the neighbours of a rather dandy oligarch who incidentally played Rasputin in the Houdini mini-series!, (USA) - 2014

Oh my, the number of jumpers and cardigans I had to try on in neutral colours for this ad. The variations in jeans, not to mention the special attention given to the footwear. All handled by the lovely Vass Éva.

Oh, the attention I give to my task of tracking my DNA, to be mystified that I am a Viking / Native American / Irish / Spanish mix! Or am I just Skyping my wife indoors for a fresh cup of tea? She also shares my passion for genealogy as you can see here. Her great-great-grandfather took a photo of Abraham Lincoln so they say.

Gyöngy Patika, (Hungary) - 2014

The spookiest high street pharmacy advert you will ever have seen. No idea if it will get to the tv screens.


Lidl, (Hungary) - 2013

So, another of those jobs where I'm called just before it happens.

I have to do nothing, turn up nowhere to be checked out; I take the call on a train and I'm just asked if I have that mustard colour long sleeve top. I'm 200km west of my wardrobe at the time. heading off to cycle 120km round a lake straddling the border, the former Iron Curtain into Austria and back.

I'm thinking long sleeved t-shrts, noooo! J'en ai trois sans moutarde.

Boring, noring but when I get back I have to dress myself for the shoot; last minute featured extra. I dig through the wardrobe, realise this is it, and just hours before I'm sent a photo of me in just what they want.

Filming in a very large flat in Buda on a very hot day, I am glad I didn't have to do the stuff in the garden.

I got to film with not only my third wife but finally after four sons, I have a screen daughter.


Harry's, (France) - 2013

Enhanced evidenceSo is this what resting actors do when they're not resting: getting up at 4.30am and then waiting to be waiters?

A small group amongst us chaps seen here were on enhanced payment terms allegedly due to proximity to the actress' head on screen. I was cast just a day or two before the shooting. It seems my ability to sway and go "mmm" was enough to get me in the premier league.

I am 4th to the right of the lady's head. On this page to the right, I have enhanced the image. It's definitely me, or Jeremy Irons.

PCE, (Hungary) - 2012

Presenting my new look for Autumn 2012.

I believe I got pulled in for this one for my impeccable transport industry credentials.

Two days after the phone call I was whisked down to the south of Buda to where they were building a flyover for the M0 motorway.

No artificial lighting or make-up this time, just 100% raw and natural. (Well, me at least).

Will I ever be allowed back in a sminkbusz ever again...?

T-Mobile, (Hungary) - 2012

So I got this part for my casting rendition of chatting with middle aged women and turning to the camera giving a look.

I arrived at the HungExpo Hotel on the day of the shooting and was told to go to the 1st floor. There is a kind of circular corridor which goes around the lifts and stairs. I did over a whole circuit before popping my head into a meeting room and asking if these were people waiting for the shoot. Indeed they were. I'd passed them the first time as I thought it was a business meeting. On entering the room properly and also acknowledging that this was 7am, these were a load of extras looking like the aftermath of the business meeting from hell. Loosened ties, people slumped in chairs, heads down asleep on tables. A flip chart stand, scattered plastic cups...

I had no idea why certain people were referred to as 'szurkoló' and told to wait in a certain part of the room. I asked if I am one of them, only to be told that I am 'Feminin Fickó' or 'Feminine Guy.' Well it turned out that I was to wear completely normal clothing, virtually the same as in my MKB ad.

So, they spent over 12 hours repeatedly filming the same scene, with and without the szurkolók (fans, in red white and green face paint), from every angle possible in the room. They must have enough footage for a dozen remixes. In the final cut you don't even see my special 'look,' nor the fact that I'm not even chatting to middle aged ladies but a couple in their early 20s.