Ofotért (H) - 2017

You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large black family automobile (once again).

You may find yourself trying to read something off a yellow clipboard.

You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house.

You may tell yourself this is an actress playing my beautiful wife #8.

I'm in an opticians in Buda, my god, what have I done?



Renault Clio (Europe) - 2016

Maybe of a kind of age where I could be Papa to a Nicole old enough to drive a shiny new Renault Clio, the storyline was somehow different.

Surprisingly only my second time in front of camera with a dog: this time the very cute, well-behaved Odo.

The mutt and I were undercover agents and Budapest was playing the part of Paris

Hanging out with Odo before we get down to business

MLSz (Hungarian Football Federation) - 2016

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Lousiest call-time ever. Did I mention the last one... oh no I didn't. That was 06:30. For this job I had to be in bed at 9pm and up just after 3am. I rode my trusty bike past the wobbly people going home from various bars... to a bar which had chucked out just an hour previously, to report for duty at 04:30.

Anyway, maybe the performance of my life. I'm not really interested in football, buuuut, I appear to be overcome with joy by the end.

And I was back home at 8am!

Douwe Egberts (NL) - 2016

On our way to do a performance in Arnhem in the Nethlands in 1995, we delighted at the door on the train with the sign "HOOFDCONDUCTEUR".

21 years later I am stuffed into a Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) uniform and positioned on platform 9 of Budapest's Keleti station.

Blink and you won't see me. Don't blink and you will still probably miss me.
(At 0:10, conductor on rail platform). A lot easier just to look at the still on the left.

El Corte Ingles (Spain/Portugal) - 2015

Here I am with screen wife #7, screen sons #5 and #6 are out of shot. And delighted to introduce Hugh Futcher (from 1960s/70s Carry On films) as my screen father #1!

Interesting that of the five of us round the dinner table, three were English and two Hungarian.

A Christmas TV commercial and in it I am a grumpy-looking dad at his wit's end.

NNG Assistant (USA/Web) - 2015

Here I am having a right laugh in a satellite navigation promotional video.

A mysterious family with British accents - me and screen daughters #2 & #3 plus the wife on the other end of the phone about to set off from Grand Rapids to Detroit, Michigan, you'd never realise we were in Buda the whole time.