Fedasz Dental (H) - 2017

Web only

Autumn 2017 and now dabbling in the heady world of dental tourism.

Also attending for a bit of treatment was screen wife #9, Adrienn, plus various other characters. The staff played themselves.

I was confused that breakfast was planned for the end of the day, a few hours after lunch but that was because we were acting with the hotel breakfast buffet spread, DOH!

No actors were harmed during the making of this film.


In the chair

In the chair for 90 minutes to bring you the part of 'Patient, male #1'

Ofotért (H) - 2017-9

You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large black family automobile (once again).

You may find yourself trying to read something off a yellow clipboard.

You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house.

You may tell yourself this is an actress playing my beautiful wife #8.

I'm in an opticians in Buda, my god, what have I done?



Renault Clio (Europe) - 2016

Maybe of a kind of age where I could be Papa to a Nicole old enough to drive a shiny new Renault Clio, the storyline was somehow different.

Surprisingly only my second time in front of camera with a dog: this time the very cute, well-behaved Odo.

The mutt and I were undercover agents and Budapest was playing the part of Paris

Hanging out with Odo before we get down to business

MLSz (Hungarian Football Federation) - 2016

Click to view the ad on YouTube...

Lousiest call-time ever. Did I mention the last one... oh no I didn't. That was 06:30. For this job I had to be in bed at 9pm and up just after 3am. I rode my trusty bike past the wobbly people going home from various bars... to a bar which had chucked out just an hour previously, to report for duty at 04:30.

Anyway, maybe the performance of my life. I'm not really interested in football, buuuut, I appear to be overcome with joy by the end.

And I was back home at 8am!

Douwe Egberts (NL) - 2016

On our way to do a performance in Arnhem in the Nethlands in 1995, we delighted at the door on the train with the sign "HOOFDCONDUCTEUR".

21 years later I am stuffed into a Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) uniform and positioned on platform 9 of Budapest's Keleti station.

Blink and you won't see me. Don't blink and you will still probably miss me.
(At 0:10, conductor on rail platform). A lot easier just to look at the still on the left.

El Corte Ingles (Spain/Portugal) - 2015

Here I am with screen wife #7, screen sons #5 and #6 are out of shot. And delighted to introduce Hugh Futcher (from 1960s/70s Carry On films) as my screen father #1!

Interesting that of the five of us round the dinner table, three were English and two Hungarian.

A Christmas TV commercial and in it I am a grumpy-looking dad at his wit's end.

NNG Assistant (USA/Web) - 2015

Here I am having a right laugh in a satellite navigation promotional video.

A mysterious family with British accents - me and screen daughters #2 & #3 plus the wife on the other end of the phone about to set off from Grand Rapids to Detroit, Michigan, you'd never realise we were in Buda the whole time.