Doritos (UK) - 2020

My shop

Now what could possibly be better than advertising ready salted crisps for Chio back in 2014?
Doritos, with my own GUITAR SHOP!

And delightful to be in an ensemble ad with some fine Budapesti colleagues!

Gary our star got to nosh the new ultimate stackables whilst on the job, take after take.

I managed to get my mits and chompers on a few at the end of the afternoon when we'd wrapped the scene.


Durex (PL) - 2019

Young Directors Competition

Playing away! I went off to be in a Durex advert filmed in Warsaw, written and directed by my friend Joanna.

The ad got two prizes in the Papaya Young Directors competition which kind of placed it 5th out of 18 finalists.

Oh the lush produce and diversity of goods. I was wishing Hungarian supermarkets were better.

Hubertus Hof (H) - 2018

Web only
Hubertus Hof Hotel

2018, a move to the countryside and opportunities in hotel promotion in the next village.

At the end we got to consume many of the props, i.e. wine and food on menus I'd translated earlier in the summer, plus there was a sauna and bed for the night included!

I was devastated to see this edit of the video and that I'd missed out on being in a scene with small goats!
> > >
petting goat