Aug/Sep 2008

I spent several days on a shoot in a disused waterworks north of Budapest.

Drafted in one morning by a friend with some other Brits to add some authenticity to this scene set in England, I was soon offered a small part as one of the night club security with the responsible role of taking the female lead, Mona, to her new boudoir/cell.

In a later scene I welcome the actor Garry Cooper, who was the moped repair chap in Quadrophenia. He spends a bit of grizzly time with Mona.

Before I was picked for the role of night-club security guard I was employed in the above scene. I had to laugh and clap at the English entertainer (juggling fire on a 4 metre high unicycle) at appropriate times so the non-English speaking extras would react appropriately to the jokes and action.

Waynah Meedja Database

Handover of Mona, who has been brought down from the club.

Taking her through the labyrinth.

She will be in the 'Joan of Arc' room.