June 2010

Another local shoot, 0.9km from my flat in Budapest. The Gerlóczy Café, my frequent oyster eating venue of choice, and the surrounding square were transformed into a little part of Paris at sunrise. This was achieved with signs, canopies and car number plates and as it was actually late afternoon, perhaps some mood filters on the camera lens.

Costume and make-up done
Just after costume and make-up. Városház utca.

Waynah Meedja Database


Policeman arrives outside the café
Spotting Owen, (Cory Monteith from "Glee") sleeping on a bench outside the café.

Waking Cory Monteith up
Waking him up with a prod from my truncheon and a gentle "Allez!".

Owen (Cory Monteith) is awake
Owen spots a strategic newspaper headline onthe ground while I drink espresso back under the canopy and chat to the staff (actors too).