waynah.net - digital


What is digital?

Well here on this part of the site I've decided to feature the following:

  1. Only those photos that have been obviously overmanipulated. Straightforward photography and that with slight stylization can be found on the photography part of waynah.net
  2. Images mixing traditional with digital methods, e.g. colorised pencil drawings...
  3. "Mathart" - design and images that are derived from some or all of the following: mathematical rules, formulae, the random element
  4. 3D design - objects, buildings, cities etc that have been designed on a computer



1. Listen to Music Responsibly


2. Gubalowka


3. Bathroom tiles Mathart

  1. Excel generated lightning bolts

4. Nowy Topia


Images (c) W.Brett unless other source stated.