Umami Coastjack

Umami Coastjack on stage
Umami Coastjack live in 2012.

Background information
Origin          Budapest, Hungary
Genres        Electronic music, Electroclash,
                     Experimental, Art Rock,
Years           2012-present
Label            Unsigned

Jekku jekku
Peti Peti 
Gareshen Gareshen
Dikasu Dikasu
Naneta Naneta
Aron Aron

Past members

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rehearsal with dancers
Rehearsal with dancers

Peti on mandolin

Umami Coastjack [Umami Kaigan Jakku, pron. U-ma-mi ka-i-gan jak-ku] is a band or creative umbrella formed in Budapest, Hungary in 2012.

Combining electronic (laptop, cheap keyboard and effects) and traditional instrumentation (mandolin) with projections, symbology and dance, their first live concert was described by the Budapest Įrt blog as an ".extreme multi-media production." [Ref.1]


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Born from the musings of Ilfordi Vén during a daydream involving inventing band names for posters for fictitious festivals the name Umami Coastjack was spontaneously created.

In Spring 2012, needing a whole new direction from the then limp hibernating Fattyś Hattyś band, Ilfordi started to experiment with slow gradual mathematical distortions and overlays of simple set-ups of electronic instruments.

Ilfordi's obsession with marmite, cheese and tomato toasties, along with mushrooms, raw beef, soy sauce and sushi meant that Umami Coastjack was who he had become. He was now Jekku [jekku]

It was indeed time for a lively, not too serious experiment and to throw a mirror up to the long known phenomena of Engrish, what with its signs, t-shirts and clothing displaying bizarrely translated slogans coming from the Far east.

Bright lights, symbols and signs of Far Eastern amusement arcades and Japanese youth style. graphics, manga and a splash of tradition were the inspiration.

Peti, from the Eugenia Formació, once slated to fill the much troubled guitar mantle in Fattyś Hattyś was persuaded to jam along and provide a live Mandolin layer of sound to compliment the laptop and keyboard that Jekku was using to compose with.

The first concert took place on Friday 14th of September 2012 at Klub Vittula in Budapest, Hungary. Jekku and Peti took the stage whilst Gareshen (formerly Kis Greta of Fattyś Hattyś) and Dikasu provided movement and dance, (billed as "Stageworkers" on the gig poster). Also involved were video projections by Jekku/Naneta with Gareshen acting. The concert was videoed by Aron.

Videos of the concert are viewable on YouTube:
Euro Guit


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Brian Eno
23 Skidoo
Cursor Miner
.and more when we can remember who they are.


Original tracks played at the first concert:

Plus I am the Coastman, a warped instrumental remake of The Beatles' I am the Walrus.

Non-used original track:



Currently no notes, except the brown one.


1 Tasteful? Umami Coastjack At Vittula
2 Space Kitten - photos on Styleomad's blog too.