Performed at Pullit X, Camden, London - Saturday 5th Sept. 1992

Andy Lowe & Wayne Brett
Andy Lowe & W. Brett

My housemate Andy wanted to do something for the Pullit warehouse's 10th show, Pullit X which was to be an erotic themed showcase. He had been getting into making percussion sounds and music with scrap so decided to set about making us body harps from plastic drain-piping, Indian ghee drums from the local restaurant's refuse, wire, party balloons and contact microphones. We made masks, Andy found cheap gold survival blankets. I bought orange tights and made the sandals from offcuts of carpet and old laces.

We got local musician John Emmerson from the Flavel Bambi Septet to mix our inputs through the sound desk while we performed a cacophonic alien mating routine.

Performers: W. Brett, Andy Lowe
Devised: Andy Lowe
Sound desk: John Emmerson

Pullit X - flyer